#First week in Berlin

#day1  8.Oct

I arrived at Berlin yesterday. Everything is new for me in Berlin so I’m excited! I started looking for a room and a job. I went to look at two rooms. Both are nice. It’s difficult to choose one…! I’m going to look at another room tomorrow so I will decide which room I should take after.

#day2  9.Oct

I woke up in the morning and ate breakfast. I was jet-legged but felt better than yesterday. I went to look at room in the evening. The landlord is nice lady but the flat is a bit far from centre of town. I can’t decide which is good for me.

#day3  10.Oct

I went for a walk along the riverside in the afternoon. It was really nice and beautiful and peaceful. I also walked around Berlin and had some nice Vietnamese food. It was cheap only 4.99 euro but quite tasty. I went to see a one room apartment but it’s wasn’t suitable for me. I hope I can find a good one.

#day4  11.Oct

I met the landlord and a flatmate at a cafe the flatmate works in. It was nice and cozy there. I wanted to take their room but we had a problem. I need to have a “Anmeldung” to apply for jobs and a bank account but the landlord can’t register me with his address. I hope I can find a solution…

#day5  12.Oct

I’m still searching for a room. I wanted to take the room that I went to look at today but a someone take it before me.  It’s made me feel sick. I feel I should’t be in here.

#day6  13.Oct

I went to see a room which was really really nice. I wanted to take that room, but the landlord wants to give another candidate a chance to meet with him.

In the evening, I met a friend. He took me to a nice wine bar. We each had a glass and we could try as much as we wanted. We also had a good chat. I learned that Berlin has changed in the last three years in terms of vegetarian and vegan life. That’s a really interesting topic.

#day7  14.Oct

It has passed one week since i moved to Berlin. I’m still searching for a room and a job. But it’s challenging. I think about myself why am I here? But I try to think about everything positively! I can do! Just do it!


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